Side view

Overall view

Front side view with zebra shader

Detailed picture of upper right ball corner with zebra

back view with ball corner with zebra

lower part ball corner with zebra

Patch structure

Draft angle shader (injection mold)

Mennekes EV Charger
With a sketch, I began to draw ep-curves and putting them in the right depth. After that I put a vector. After the straight curves was made, I either used the skin tool to start making the flat surfaces or ms-draft for the sides. And on the curved part of the surface, I used either freeform blend, rail, corner-blend (for ball corner) or surface fillet-tool with at least G2 continuity. A tubular offset was also used between the front and back part to create a small gap.
The front part was made with curves and then projected to a surface and then trimmed. I used ms-draft to create the back part (with minimum 3 degree angle). Between those surfaces I put fillet with round tool to create a round edge.
Finally, I checked my model for duplicates, unnecessary curves on surface, surface continuity and spans more than 1.


Patch structure

HiSense Ac Remote Controller
The first major Class A alias project was to create a remote from Hisense. This was created with ep-curves and then planar and trim to make the outer part with buttons. After that an ofsett with the curves was created to make the chrome part with ms-draft. With the help of the part created I successfully created the rest of the body with the help of freeform blend, trim, tubular offset and surface fillet tool.
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