Tesla Cybertruck
Built from scratch. A Tesla Cybertruck. It started with a cuboid and shaped to the basic model of the car. After those, other details where added such as windshield and other glass details with low alpha-channel and low roughness to simulate a car window. The front lights is a glass-like texture with emission. The wheels are also made with cuboid with plastic texturing and a chrome center cover to create a two-tone contrast. Some insets were made to create panel gap.
As per usual this was also made with my own HDRI and recorded video. A shadow plane (shadow catcher) was made but with modified shadows to make it more like the black Mercedes in the background as reference seen in the image and video above. Moreover, a sun and a spotlight were added to make the reflection more convincing (seen on video at the 5 second mark). Making this car and tracking was incredible difficult and time consuming, but the result is if anything, remarkable. 
This is where the fun begins. (Camera tracking)
Here I used my own video and tracking an object with blender. I took my own HDRI-picture to make the reflections on the object to match the environment on the video. Can you see where this is going?

4 Models
These models where made by using blenders own poly tools and building them from the ground up. The spoon was made of a circle and a cube, flattened and stretched. The knife tool was used on the circle to get more quads and tris then shaped and bridged together to make a spoon-like form. I tried to use a stainless-steel look with a semi-matte golden finish.
The vase was made of a 12-sided vertex and got built mostly by using the extrude, scaling and edge loop. To get the sharper edges I used mean crease. Finished it of with subdivision surface. The chess piece was made about the same but with edge slide and image as a reference.
The last and the biggest form was a plane with subdivision-modifier and gave it a “pump”. Then I made all the forms with the help of inset, extrude and bevel tool. The circle was made of loop tools and the cut in the upper right corner was made with knife tool.
Fiat Cinquecento (500)
While making this, I tried to make one of the cars drive recklessly and also making the star of the scene. I put emission on the headlights, and for more a realistic approach I put spotlights in the placement where the headlights are. Other minor details was such as wheel turning with pivot point set.
Other major details are my own road with texture and bump was made. Texturing and bumping the sidewalk and the curbs, last but not least lightning in the buildings and a sun (with sunset effect) as light source.
Making a bike by assembly every part of it and building a room to put it. While making this bike, I learned by grouping and making joints. Spotlight was not sufficient in terms of lightning so I decided to make a more realistic feel, by putting a sun as a light source.

Bar Stool
This stool was made from the ground up with the references in form of images set as planes. The left side of the chair legs is mirrored to the right side and loop cut slide was used (also to help with curvature). Extrude and bevel was used on top of the chair legs and to finish it off I used subdivide on surfaces. Other part of the chair was made with cubes that are scaled, to the right proportions. Finally, I made the seat with a leather and bump texture on it.
The Shroom
This mushroom is a penny-bun disguised as a fly agaric. Jokes aside this mushroom was entirely made with a cube to start with. Tools used with this was loop cut and slide, scaling, proportional editing and chamfer. When the base model was done, I took it over to sculpting mode and made some minor changes to the form. UW-editing was also made and with my own made texture. Last but not least a HDRI was thrown into the scene with a shadow plane (shadow catcher) to make it more realistic.
Snowman (GIF)
Everything here was made from the ground up. From the snow, fireplace, smoke, trees, snowman and it's hat and lastly the light. Also every object has it's own bump-tecture (except the trees and logs). In this case I tried with different rendering engines between Cycles and EEVEE, which has a vast difference. 
4 monkeys
One of the first blender projects. The exercise consists of putting on subdivision for smoother surface. Different materials for each object (in this case, 4 monkeys). Using sculpt editor to make different facial expressions. The exercise also included to set up a camera and lights.

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