Volvo Center Display
This was made from the ground up from just a sketch. One of the first steps was to import a sketch file into ICEM and start drawing curves in 2D view. The challenge was to make it in a way so that theoretical corners was able to be build as easy as possible. From time to time, I checked over Y0 for symmetry.
After everything was ok, I started to build the surfaces on the curves and started to give them a slight “pump” and in the process of building the surfaces I checked with zebra highlights, curvature and the diagnostic tools. Finally fillets where made and double check that all the normal is pointing at the right direction.
WEM Cover
Started with a theoretical model in ICEM (left) and fixing it with fillets. The tolorances where 0.005 in position, 0.1 tangent and MinR 3.5. This was one of the examination models we did in ICEM. Exported the file to STL and gave it a plastic texture in Blender (with bump, noise and coloring).
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